The war between the two great kingdoms of Aguilleon and Merovin, which time has named the Merovin Offensive, was unquestionably the worst and bloodiest conflict since the time of the Butlerian revolt against the Orc warlords of the east. The civilian life toll was far greater than any other war in the history of Terrasur; and the losses of each army were unheard of. But it accomplished one task that never could have been achieved without military action: it ended the passive conflict that had continued for nearly two centuries between the two empires. The actual conflict was, in hindsight, almost completely unavoidable for the two direct economic opponents. All out war was a resolution both sides had been preparing for long before Baron Hathmir’s declaration of war, as analyzed tax reports showed. However, this centuries old rivalry’s war almost brought both nations to their knees, as their power was too evenly matched for any clear or quick revolution. In fact, north-western Terrasur could quite possibly have completely collapsed or been conquered if it was not for the courageous and selfless acts of the Heroes of Aguilleon, as history has remembered them.

- Walter Glenham; A Brief History of the Merovin Offensive, 2nd Edition

The Merovin Offensive